The technology behind LandLoc’s EcoHaul has been used on roads the world over. When worked into lifts, EcoHaul penetrates the soil, bonding the soil particles and cementing them into place. Treated areas are resilient to wear and tear as EcoHaul’s unique elasticity ensures surfaces will survive heavy traffic, heavy loads, rain, snow and any other conditions that cause deterioration.

When applied to an industrial road, EcoHaul improves visibility, which makes the road safer. EcoHaul, eliminates the use of water, prevents equipment damage due to dust, reduces tire tread wear due to poor road conditions and ultimately increases the overall productivity rates of the road.

When used with in-situ material, EcoHaul increases compaction, reduces soil permeability, creates a dust free surface and increases traction even when wet. EcoHaul has been effectively used as a sub-base for roads—allowing existing soils and sands that would normally have no load bearing capabilities, to be used for roads, parking lots, trails and other heavy traffic areas—all at a fraction of the cost of traditional asphalt construction.


EcoHaul's Applications:


EcoHaul's Application Process:


Scarify a lift of material 6-8" deep. This creates a path for the product.

Step 2

Spray on product.

Step 3

Wind row material back and forth to mix into homogeneous material. Additional product can be sprayed onto/into material as this process occurs, via hose, watertruck, etc.

Step 4

Smooth with drum or sheep's foot pack the material.

Step 5

Apply a final top coat.



road Strength


Eliminates the
need to re-grade


No need to
import gravel

shear strength

Performs under freeze
thaw conditions


Works with
on-Site soils



Reduces associated
road Costs