With progressive thinking and cutting edge technology, we’re
a natural leader when it comes to soil stabilization.

Designed for the Canadian climate and Canadian industries, LandLoc products outperform when it comes to wind and water erosion, soil and sub-base stabilization and pad construction.  Serving the construction, oil and gas and mining industries, as well as the public sector EcoAnchor,  EcoHaul and EcoPad are environmentally friendly solutions, that give you world-class performance and peace of mind. 

If you’re wondering how to get the best results possible, the answer is LandLoc, naturally.


From slope erosion and sediment
control to dust control to parks
and recreation projects, EcoAnchor outperforms traditional methods.

A sub-base for roads and parking lots, surfaces treated with EcoHaul will survive heavy loads, rain, snow and any conditions that cause deterioration.